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The VMA has just come to an end and our ladies brought the roof down, especially with their amazing and unique styles, and not forgetting their killer talents!
The likes of BeyoncΓ© with her all female dancers, Rihanna, Brittany and so on! The Award show indeed had so many highlights that it won't be forgotten for a long time.

Anyway, back to Nigeria and still celebrating our beautiful and talented female artists, here is one of our own.
OMG, she is not only young, proudly African, talented, creative, strong, a change catalyst, an epitome of "love what you do", I could go on and on about her. Did I tell you she has a smile that shames the sun? Wow, that 1mil watts smile...A female Saxophonist, a creative blogger, a photographer and a whole lot more! 

I know I'm yapping way too much...but believe me when I say, you too will be excited about her when you are done reading this interview.

So without further delay, please meet the beautiful and most talented Tuke Morgan.

Real Gentlehawk: Can you tell our readers about yourself?

Tuke: Hello Everyone, My name is Adetuke Morgan. I’m a Graduate of Economics from the University of Nottingham, UK, however I don’t work in my field of study. I am a Saxophonist, Lifestyle Blogger, Food Photographer, Writer, Content Creator, Natural Hair Bearer & Theatre Aficionado with wanderlust who enjoys acting, modeling and doing voice-overs.

Real Gentlehawk: I  know that you wanted to learn the guitar but ended up with the saxophone, can you tell us a little about that story?

Tuke: Okay, so I went to England in September 2008 for my A-Levels. I was the only Black person in my year and I was shocked and impressed by the wide range of extra-curricular activities available at my school. I decided to fully take advantage of the opportunities that were available at that school and immersed myself in a variety of activities. By the end of the first term I decided I want to learn a Musical Instrument. I really wanted to learn the Guitar and sing like Hannah Montana, Jesse McCartney and Jonas Brothers, however God obviously had other plans. When I told my dad about my intention to learn the guitar he suggested the Saxophone, to my confusion. We reached a compromise, thanks to my music director and I was allowed to have two trial lessons in each instrument. I started with the Guitar and thought it was love, I learnt how to play Elvis Presley’s “Two Suede Shoes” and remember strumming and singing the song in the music cells so happily. The day of the Saxophone lesson came (February 25th 2009) and I describe that moment as “Love at first blow”, that’s how I forgot about the Guitar :)

Real Gentlehawk: What is it like being a female saxophonist and what does it take to be one?

Tuke: It’s great being a Female Saxophonist. There are very few of us in Nigeria/the world to be honest so we all stand out. It takes dedication, diligence, practice and hard work to be one. We stand out firstly because we are female but it is necessary to put in work to hone our craft and practice so that our skill is at par/even better than the men 😊

Real Gentlehawk: l know you’ve done a lot of work since you became a saxophonist especially while studying in the UK, can you please tell us more about those works.

Tuke: So when I first started playing in A levels, it was classical music and jazz. I played in the Jazz Band, did a lot sight reading and worked towards a music exam. In University, I played with the Nottingham Sax Ensemble for a little bit so practiced my sight reading & group playing there. I played in my church and youth fellowship and that period was a significant learning curve. I had to learn fast and work hard to keep up with the other instrumentalists/musicians at my church. I also got invited to minister at other churches in different cities and various African & Caribbean events.

Real Gentlehawk: How would you describe your personal style and is there a person who is a fashion inspiration to you? 

Tuke: My style is comfortable, I used to be a tomboy and didn’t care much for fitted clothes. 
My style is Afrocentric, I love the vibrancy of prints and how radiant they make me look.
My style is simple, I don’t do too much but it comes out looking classy and pretty.
My style changes frequently as my mood determines how I dress as well as the occasion I’m attending.
I get inspiration from everywhere, people on the street, my mum, blogs, friends, etc

Real Gentlehawk: I know you also a blogger, can you tell the readers how you first got  into blogging?

Tuke: So, the blog started in February 2014, when the NYSC FB group wasn't enough OF AN outlet for me to share information. I attended a writer’s conference with a friend, Ify Halim which also encouraged me to start the blog. 

Real Gentlehawk: You are a musician, a creative blogger and a photographer, wow that's a lot.  So how do you manage to find  time to run your blog and others  stuff efficiently? Do you have a team?

Tuke: Yes, I am a Musician, Lifestyle Blogger, Food Photographer and many other things. I used to work a 9-5 in advertising too but I found it really hard to balance everything efficiently. I turned down a lot of opportunities during that time cos I was always tired as I was doing A LOT. Now that I no longer work a 9 -5, it is easier to manage everything efficiently. Yes, I do have a team, in term, of a band. I also get advice from my parents, mentors, more experienced people in my industry and the word of God.

Real Gentlehawk: What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?

Tuke: Hmmm, so I graduated from University with a 2.2. It wasn’t my greatest failure and I don't think I have any but I was pretty sad, depressed & disappointed when I realised that was my Final Grade. I learnt that everything happens for a reason as I might have been forced to work a graduate job in England if I had gotten a better grade. I know God wanted me to move back at the time I did for a reason and he didn’t want me working in certain industries too. Now I know that the 2.2 was God’s way of helping me eliminate distractions and putting me on the path to achieving purpose.
While in School, I used to say I studied Economics during the week and Music on the weekends. My interest and passion lay in Music and I think people should pay attention to what frustrates them and what fascinates them as that is where their purpose lies.

Real Gentlehawk: Tell me about your proudest achievement?

Tuke: Completing the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award was my proudest moment and I wrote all about it on Instagram last month. 
Read posts from here: 
to here 
for a comprehensive overview.

Real Gentlehawk: What keeps you motivated?

Tuke: My goals, My family, random e-mails from my readers & fans, the drive to succeed and leave a legacy, people’s achievements and listening to empowering and encouraging music and messages. Hanging out and talking to other people in my industry, hearing about their challenges and how they have overcome them also motivates me as I know it can only get better.

Real Gentlehawk: Have you met anyone interesting/famous on your journey?

Tuke: Yes, I have, this year, I've met two women I look up to & admire. 
Yolanda Brown who is one of the most accomplished Black Female Saxophonists, I was shocked that she knew who I was, she had seen my picture on the Internet. 
Sharon Mundia, one of Kenya’s foremost Blogger. She came to Lagos for the AMVCA’s and it was one of my Blog reader’s that told me she was coming. I sent her an email and not only did we meet up, we went on a cafe tour, took pictures and collaborated on some Blog posts. 

I am heavily influenced by Nathaniel Bassey and I’m privileged to have met him a number of times. I worship with Redeemed Church of God and my dad is a Pastor, so I met Pastor Nath a couple of times when I was younger. I remember when I first started playing, he said something like one day, we’ll play together, that happened last year at a church in Lekki and it was Amazing. I consider him one of my mentors  and role models.

I met Professor Yemi Osinbajo before my journey started/before he was VP but I have been privileged to play the Sax in his garden in recent times.

Real Gentlehawk: Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year?

Tuke: Yes I do πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Real Gentlehawk: So what are you working on presently? Concerts, shows, new album…? 

Tuke: I’m learning French as the plan is to go global and I want to be able to communicate in Francophone countries. I’m attending workshops & watching online courses because it is important to keep learning. I’m rehearsing a lot and I’m creating great content. 

Real Gentlehawk: Who has been your greatest inspiration?

Tuke: There isn’t one person I can pinpoint to, it’s been different people for different spheres of my life.

Real Gentlehawk: I love to ask all my interviewees this particular question, What is your favorite book?

Tuke: The Bible.

Real Gentlehawk: What can you not do without?

Tuke: God, Internet, My Laptop, My Sax, My Camera, Music & My Family.

Real Gentlehawk: And advice to anyone hoping to do what you do?

Tuke: It depends on which thing, however, in General:
Pray for direction
Seek Counsel before you make life-changing decisions
Hone your craft
Keep Learning
Don’t ever think that you know everything or you have arrived
Don’t get complacent, be aware of the innovations/changes going on in your industry and adapt to them
Treat your customers & clients with respect
Be Punctual
Be Professional
Be Consistent

Real Gentlehawk: Any final word/advice.

Tuke: Proverbs 22:29 Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.
BE DILIGENT, All things are possible

Real Gentlehawk: Thank you so much for sharing you with us. It is a pleasure having you. Hope you will give us audience once again. 

Tuke: Thank you too. Yes I will! 

So you have heard it, be diligent, be consistent, be professional, treat people with respect, keep learning, don't give up and pray, pray! 

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Lastly I leave you with this words from "TONY GASKIN"
From your gal,
Real Gentlehawk,
Be kind, true and real 

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